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The Story Behind ‘Legacy’

by Steve Alpert

“How would you like your painting to be shown to the president and the vice-president?” Jan Scruggs asked. »

Nonprofit Helps Military Couples Strengthen Bonds

by Noel Meador and Rachel Harris

11.24.14 - The long awaited moment had finally arrived. »

Troops Respond to the Military's Needs at a Moment's Notice

by Chad Stewart

11.20.14 - Not all deployments are created equal. »

When Troops are Deployed, the Military Helps Support Families Left Behind

by Chad Stewart

11.20.14 - From the outside looking in, the process of deploying seems like a crippling mountain… »

New Military Cooks Learn the Tricks of the Trade

by Chad Stewart

11.18.14 - Food, air and water—three basic ingredients needed to sustain human life. »

NFL Veteran Garcon Connects With Troops

by Eric Brandner

11.14.14 - They take off their helmets to watch him put his on. »

There’s a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere

by Dale L. Walker

11.12.14 - In the space of two hours on December 7, 1941, 353 Japanese fighters, bombers… »

On the Frontlines: Dispatches from the Field

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