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From Our Winter 2014-2015 Issue

'Everything Was In Slow Motion' at Pentagon on 9/11

by Samantha L. Quigley

It was a beautiful start to a normal Tuesday for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency’s then-Officer Isaac Ho’opi’i and his K9 partner, Vito. »

Female Combat Medic Finds Teamwork, Equality Downrange

by Joseph Andrew Lee

1.26.15 - The more our American social norms change, the more the military will reflect society.… »

Guardsman Knows the Military's Best-Kept Secret

by Master Sgt. Ron Hartley

1.23.15 - I would say my Guard experience started in a little different manner than most.… »

Army Career Forged in Wake of Tragedy

by Will Norton

1.21.15 - Sitting in a Wake Forest University barber shop at 10:00 a.m. »

Marine Found Solace in his Combat Journal

by Nancy Sorrells

1.19.15 - These days, John Dale Gardner has to search hard for the little notebook covered… »

Medically Retired Soldier Continues to Serve

by Chad Stewart

1.15.15 - The first blast knocked Marco Gonzalez senseless. »

Retired Soldier Returned to the Fight

by Raouf Chouery

1.12.15 - In 1967, I left Egypt as the simmering conflict between Israel and Egypt began… »

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