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From Our Fall 2014 Issue

Breaking Barriers, Building Bonds

by Sara Moore

Fort Jackson, South Carolina. »

Award-Winning Book Offers Unique Insights on Gettysburg Soldiers

by Rebecca Kidder

10.1.14 - In addition to being the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, the Battle of… »

How to Transition From Military to Civilian Life with Finances Intact


9.29.14 - At the sound of "readiness," the military community stands alert. »

PCS Moves Are All About Attitude

by Samantha L. Quigley

9.19.14 - Elizabeth Lee was six months pregnant with her second child during her most recent… »

A Civilian Glimpse into the Making of Marines

by Brandon J. Pugh

9.17.14 - Most people believe that unless you’ve served, or plan to serve in the Corps,… »

Trading One Fight for Another

by Eric Brandner

9.9.14 - Justin Larsen left the room with the men as his wife, Joy, settled into… »

Ann-Margret’s Most Dangerous Role

by Chad Stewart

8.28.14 - Roger Smith’s tidy office is wrapped in a thick layer of Hollywood history. »

On the Frontlines: Dispatches from the Field

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