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From Our Summer 2014 Issue

For One Soldier’s Family, the Long, Uncertain Wait Is Over

by Samantha L. Quigley

In May 1964, Army Staff Sergeant Lawrence Woods and his wife, Francis, stood on their porch in Clarksville, Tennessee, with their three children. »

For Those Who Didn't Return

by On Patrol

7.25.14 - “You Are Not Forgotten.”

Those words grace the only flag as well-known in the… »

The First and the Last

by Derek Turner

7.21.14 - War is a maddening thing. »

Advances in Prosthetics, Wheelchairs Help Wounded Vets Push Past Obstacles

by Chad Stewart

7.14.14 - Vietnam veterans who came home with their lives altered by amputations and paralysis found… »

WAR-Ping From Athlete to Coach and Beyond

by Joseph Andrew Lee

7.14.14 - "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast,” he whispered to himself as he dropped… »

A Portrait of My Past

by Everett Alvarez, Jr.

7.9.14 - Every morning as I walk into my office, I am reminded of what happened… »

Sammy Davis Jr., ‘Mr. Entertainment’

by Samantha L. Quigley

7.3.14 - No other moniker for Sammy Davis Jr. »

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