On Patrol

Until every one comes home | The Magazine of the USO

Sculptor: Glenna Goodacre

Location: Washington, D.C.

Dedication: November 11, 1993

Material: Bronze

Size: Approximately 8 feet by 15 feet

Trivia: Each of the three female troops in the sculpture has a name: Faith is seen praying, Hope is seen looking up, and Charity is seen tending to the wounded male soldier.

In the words of Diane Carlson-Evans, founder of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation: “Through an entry in our design competition, sculptor Glenna Goodacre of Santa Fe, New Mexico, captured not only the humanity, dedication, and the spirit of those women – many whom had risked their lives – but also the suffering of our brother soldiers. Her bronze sculpture design, which finally won the hearts of the federal commissions and the American people— now stands for eternity 300 feet from the Wall of names at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.”