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Since early December, Army snipers in Afghanistan have been testing a new weapon, the .300 Winchester Magnum (Win Mag) XM2010.

After just months of testing, the new rifle has been deemed worthy, according to an Army Times article.

The rifle, to be fielded throughout the Army, is an upgrade of the previous Army standard, the M24, with significant improvements to range, accuracy, and volume. The shift from 7.62mm NATO (.308 Winchester) to .300 Win Mag rounds, which will add 400 meters of effect range, is the most significant modification.

The upgrade came after snipers had a chance to experience the 2,000-meters range the .50 caliber M107 sniper rifle offers. The long range was a must-have for snipers, but the big .50 cal rifle was limited by its weight and short range inaccuracy.

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XM2010 Sniper RifleXM2010 Sniper Rifle