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October 15, 2013 9:13AM

Airman to Compete on “Jeopardy!”


Air Force Captain Stuart Anderson, from Aviano Air Base, Italy, will phrase his answers in the form of questions as he competes on “Jeopardy!” tonight.

Alex Trebek, a longtime USO supporter and a 13-time USO tour veteran, is honored to have the opportunity to work with the USO and having "Jeopardy!" showcase the best and brightest minds of the military is a special treat for him.

“I have always been a passionate supporter of our men and women in uniform,” Trebek said. “There is no better feeling than showing our troops just how much we care.”

To watch Anderson compete on the show, check your local listings.

UPDATE: Anderson won the show on Oct. 15 and will try to defend the top spot this evening.